Introduction to Brain Lifting

by | Jun 7, 2020 | Introduction to Brain Lifting

This free short e-learning course offer in-formational units about:

  • The Brain Lifting technology: background, patents, researches.
  • The basics of mind driving and mind control techniques: tecnologies for controlling the brain, patents and many otherĀ  models for the brain manipulation.
  • The new and actual mind-brain model: regenerative activities, neuroplasticity, mirror neurons, biological empathy, the senses as quantum base process, electro (brain)-magnetical (heart) interactive human field.
  • The born of Brain Lifting in the early 2002: how the model was started and which are the scientific implicances.
  • Perspective for a new psychobiological brain model: 2025 the quantic bio computer, our brain.

You can also encounter and discover the founder of the model, Luke Palmisano, and understand his innovative point of wiew in the brain treatment methodology.